Introducing the Free edition of the Signal Ocean Platform

Made for maritime professionals and for a wider audience interested in maritime data, technology and software.

We have packaged many of our powerful tools into this free edition making it a robust option for commercial vessel tracking.

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What is the Free Edition

The Free Edition is a great way to start your discovery of The Signal Ocean Platform and a fantastic gateway into the world of commercial shipping. It comes with rich functionality and a full AIS dataset.

It can perpetually serve a wide variety of user personas with an interest in maritime transportation, such as students, journalists, seafarers, agents or professionals who are not engaged in day-to-day commercial activities.

This is just the beginning for commercial vessel tracking.

A range of sophisticated tools wrapped in simplicity

View Vessel Information

View Vessel Information

Full details of any vessel, including its voyage and cargo history, specifications, commercial voyages, received data, consumptions and more using our Vessels Dashboard.


See potential delays and the impacts on vessel supply with our interactive Congestion dashboards which show historical and current congestion levels along with waiting times in ports or areas.
Monitor Key Route Dynamics

Monitor Key Route Dynamics

With reports designed for specific trading routes, such as this C3 example, you can see all the moving parts that can affect supply or demand along the route.

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Instantly access a progressively developed maritime set of data, tools and reports, using our simple, intuitive user interface.