Vessel chartering with Free Edition of the Signal Ocean Platform

Our free edition opens a world of data to guide you though tankers and dry bulk ship chartering. Check market dynamics, view port traffic and possible congestion in areas of interest. Understand ship voyages and their relevant cargo flows. Calculate sea distances adjusting the routing, speed and sea margin.

The free edition is a great way to start your discovery of The Signal Ocean Platform and a fantastic gateway into the world of commercial shipping.

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What is the Free Edition

The Free Edition is not a trial. It is free, easy to use software, packed with functionality and a full set of commercially licensed AIS data.

No Ads. No download. No installation. Just 24/7 secure web and mobile access.

It is designed for market participants that easily want to assess our technology capabilities and then unlock the full potential and non-market-participants, like seafarers, port agents, brokers, charterers and logistics professionals and anyone else who has the occasional need for the wealth of information we provide. Go on! start your commercial vessel tracking.

A range of sophisticated tools wrapped in simplicity

Monitor Market Dynamics

Monitor Market Dynamics

Obtain a dynamic overview of all regional markets per vessel class. Plot vessel supply against prevailing freight rates and view an up-to-date list of fixtures.
Calculate distances

Calculate distances

Calculate distances between vessel positions, ports or coordinates. Determine voyage duration by adjusting speed, routing points, and SECA and piracy paths by using our advanced Distance Tool.
Assess tonnage availability

Assess tonnage availability

Obtain dynamically-generated tonnage lists and position lists that you can filter, sort and drill down into, to instantly assess tonnage availability around the world. See which vessels can pick-up your cargo.

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Instantly access a progressively developed maritime set of data, tools and reports, using our simple, intuitive user interface.