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We invest in, develop and sell technology products. We expertly integrate them into high-performance services and enable new business opportunities. We painstakingly architect our diversified activities to ensure no conflicts, data privacy & security and respect for the market structure.

An Ecosystem for a Final Frontier

We look for partners to help us achieve meaningful change in a technology final frontier:
Shipping is probably the largest global business domain with such high levels of untapped
opportunities for technology and innovation. Join us ?!

Get your fair share of top
TCE performance. Flexibly.

Signal Maritime uses a data-led approach to power flexible, high-performance commercial pool services. Ship owners/operators entrust Aframax and MR tankers into our two active pools. Our chartering team leverages talent, experience and expert command of Signal technology to outperform peers and fairly distribute pool proceeds.

Track ships and read freight
markets in under a minute.

The Signal Ocean Platform helps ship brokers, owners and charterers turn daily streams of non-standard, unstructured market data into an advantage. Using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, the system continuously combines private, curated and public domain information into supply/demand insights that help teams adapt, develop and perform in tanker, dry-bulk and container markets.

Accelerate through domain-relevant data, APIs, advice and strategic partnerships.

Getting to the technology final frontier that is shipping will no doubt require many to work together in a strong and relevant ecosystem. Through Signal Ventures we invest in the future by incubating and accelerating early stage startups and entrepreneurs in the shipping, logistics and commodities space.