Scale powered by Signal™

The innovative Digital Commercial Shipping Services (DCSS) offering empowers shipping companies to achieve scale. DCSS provides a solution to established owners that envisage expansion in their segment by easily turning their commercial operations into a pool, attracting third-party vessels from new Partners or solving the problem of interest alignment among shareholders.
Scale powered by Signal™

What is DCSS

Signal provides as a service package the pool infrastructure, the tools for commercial management and business development analytics and capabilities leveraging that are based on our proprietary technology tested in Signal  pools.

Pool Infrastructure

The earnings distribution algorithm based on vessel’s geographical, technical and energy performance rating is tailored to each vessel class. Pools financial and commercial reports are being shared frequently and are 24/7 accessible through the pool portal.
Pool Infrastructure
Geographical rating

geographical RATING

Technical Rating

technical Rating

Pool Infrastructure
frequently Shared 24/7 available 
through Pool Portal

frequently Shared 24/7 available through Pool Portal

energy performance rating

energy performance rating

Commercial tools

In-house data driven technology solutions that improve the commercial strategy design and
enable constant evaluation of its implementation are built for the chartering desk including
training and support.

The Signal Ocean Platform

The platform provides key information which allows informed decisions under tight negotiation timeframes to outperform the market when possible

Position Value Concept

Assessment of the position value of each port by estimating the earnings starting from this port based on which alternative cargoes can be compared

Optimal Strategy Tool

The tool provides an overview of options for next cargoes based on the vessel’s open port, historical trading patterns and current market levels

Spot Performance Management Tool

The tool leverages a dataset of numerous voyages to rank - in terms of financials - each performed voyage against all other realised alternatives

Competition Analysis & Peers Benchmark

Gap analysis to extract insights and TCE adjustment for consumption, scrubber and age to allow a like-for-like performance comparison

Operations Automated Warnings

Speed. consumption, idling monitoring timely utilizing noon report data and get notified through notifications

Business development

Based on each vessel class universe analysis, business development opportunities are identified by a dedicated international team to accelerate the pool growth.

SKS LR2 Pool powered by Signal™

Reflecting the increasing role that technology plays in shipping, Signal already empowers the new venture of SKS Tankers in an industry first move. DCSS supports SKS LR2 Pool to maintain a leading performance while expanding the LR2 fleet, but also demonstrate the same level of flexibility, fairness and technology spin Signal Aframax and MR Pools already offer.