Why Signal?

Pioneering maritime innovation, we combine deep industry expertise with advanced technology, empowering our entities to transform shipping and commodities trading

Rooted in maritime expertise

 Decades of hands-on experience in freight markets drives our passion and dedication to help professionals be successful in shipping

Respect for the market structure

Shipping is a 'three-way-marketplace' for a reason: brokers, charterers, and owners all play their vital roles in the world’s most significant enabler of economic activity. We do not seek to 'level the playing field' nor disrupt age-old industry dynamics

Unlocking new possibilities

We focus on deploying technology to overcome challenges that have historically limited the industry's efficiency and potential, aiming to benefit brokers, charterers, and owners alike

Collaborating and integrating

The global shipping markets offer ample opportunities for competition but also collaboration, as the businesses and societies we serve expect more by the day. We prioritise partnerships and deploy technology in helping efforts integrate

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