Data-Driven Maritime


Signal Ocean is the modern toolbox for charterers, brokers and owners. It helps you to transform complex maritime data into clear, actionable insights. Our platform simplifies decision-making and extends competitive advantage. It does this by seamlessly integrating broad-spectrum & proprietary data

Why Signal?

Signal Ocean is powered by a blend of Artificial Intelligence technologies and patented data fusion and forecasting models. Our data engines securely process your private data, delivering customised insights that enhance decision-making, negotiation and trading

Data security and privacy

Your trust is paramount to us. Signal Ocean is committed to the highest standards of data security and privacy. Click here to read more

Flexible data sourcing

Signal Ocean securely combines data from AIS, emails (fixtures, positions, cargoes and lineups), messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp™, Slack, MS Teams), user inputs, and more to create a unified and secure interface for each company

Data cleansing and structuring

Signal Ocean meticulously refines incoming data to remove duplication and inaccuracies, providing a structured and clear presentation of essential information like supply, demand, fixture rates, congestion, and profitability

Intuitive and interactive interfaces

Signal Ocean's user-friendly platform ensures that all users can easily interact with the system from day one, no matter the complexity hidden behind it