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Unlock unparalleled insights into shipping and commodities trading with Signal’s sophisticated API and integration suite. Our platform offers automatic data detection and delivers real-time advanced analytics, powered by one of the industry’s most advanced software systems. Experience the power of exclusive shipping analytics at your fingertips

Signal APIs

Voyages API

Access comprehensive structured data on the movements, loadings, and discharges of all ships since 2014. This API covers an extensive range of commercial and operational voyage details, providing deep insights for informed decision-making

Distances API

Integrate the fastest distance calculation engine into your analyses and systems, capable of port-to-port, point-to-port and ship-to-port distance calculations

Vessel Valuations API

Track current and historical asset and demolition valuation estimates for any given vessel

Vessels API

Discover detailed data on vessels, including design specifications and dimensions, commercial control, engines, key equipment, and class renewal dates. Essential data for comprehensive vessel analysis

Daily Vessel State API

Analyse time-series data with a wide range of information across all vessels, giving their state of activity once per day. Daily records of each vessel’s position, speed, heading, laden state, cargo, etc

Vessel Emissions API

Follow key vessel emissions (CO2, NOX, SOX) and calculate EEOI, AER and CII with this add-on to the Voyages API. Data is available per vessel, voyage, leg, and operation

Freight API

Monitor time series data on the evolution of freight pricing ($/ton and $/day) and estimate flat rates for the widest combinations of ports across all large tanker segments

Tonnage list API

Track how tonnage forecasts have evolved over time and analyse vessel supply for any route or trade since 2015. Operationally this can help you select the right vessel for a given cargo loading, and help you understand the supply side of any freight market

Scraped data API

Signal Ocean securely combines data from AIS, emails (fixtures, positions, cargoes and lineups), messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp™, Slack, MS Teams), user inputs, and more to create a unified and secure interface for each company

Geos API

A continuously maintained geo dataset covering the waterways, waypoints, countries, ports, terminals, jetties of the world. It also includes a hierarchical region breakdown designed to meet the needs of your business

Market Rates API

Keep track of historical and live market rate assessments for key trading routes, empowering correlation analysis and forecasting

Port Expenses API

Gain insight into the expenses and breakdowns for specific ports based on vessel characteristics. Essential for budgeting and financial planning in port operations

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Signal data warehouse

If you or your team are more comfortable working with SQL our Data Warehouse solution offers you the flexibility to create valuable reports quickly with applications such as Power BI or Tableau. You have the power to produce customised dashboards that merge our data, your data and public data into a holistic view of shipping markets so you can explore and exploit market opportunities.

Cost-effective delivery via SQL that minimises your up-front costs
Maximum flexibility to join data sets and filter to reveal actionable insights
Combine it with public information and Signal’s AIS, Vessel characteristics and Geographic data
Incrementally updated with Signal’s APIs