The Signal Group Launches The Signal Ocean Platform

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The Signal Group
June 6, 2018

June 06, 2018

Today, Signal welcomed a new era in shipping and formally introduced The Signal Ocean Platform to the maritime community. Guests of the event included representatives of the most important players across the shipping industry, including ship-owners, commercial operators, pools, brokerage houses and chartering desks of oil and commodity trading organizations.

The Signal Ocean Platform
The Signal Ocean Platform is a Business-to-Business (B2B), Software as a Service (SaaS) product. It provides a powerful data processing engine to support commercial decision-making in the shipping industry. It is a tool that has been developed using the latest developments in the fields of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Through a simple, beautiful interface consisting of easy-to-use dashboards and tools, the user can monitor international shipping markets in real-time and make better commercial decisions faster.

The Signal Group
Signal Maritime and Signal Ocean are among the companies that comprise The Signal Group. Signal Maritime provides best-in-class commercial management services to a growing fleet of modern vessels. Signal Ocean is a software company that has created The Signal Ocean Platform, a decision-support tool for commercial shipping professionals. Signal Ocean, the technology start-up of the group, has assembled a world-class team of Greek and international engineers and scientists. Its products are the result of a unique combination of deep shipping expertise with a passion for applied science and technology.

In all activities and ventures, The Signal Group respects the traditional shipping market structure while also opening up new horizons in the industry. Its innovative technological products enable shipping professionals to analyze and improve commercial performance like never before. In order to test, leverage and further enhance these products, Signal Maritime, the group’s commercial ship management arm, will be launching a commercial Aframax tanker pool, starting from September 2018.

The Founder
Ioannis Martinos studied Mechanics and Aeronautical Engineering at Tufts and MIT in the USA. After completing his studies, he joined Thenamaris (Ships Management) Inc. in 2004 to begin his career in shipping. After taking on several technical roles, Ioannis Martinos assumed the position of joint-CEO. During his time at Thenamaris, he envisioned and delivered a 10-year restructuring program to update and optimize the company’s procedures and systems, thus preparing the company for significant growth and diversification.
In late 2014, Ioannis Martinos left Thenamaris to found the Signal Group of Companies.

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