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Signal APIs

Voyages API
Gain insights by studying how all ships on water have moved, loaded and discharged since 2014. Wide range of commercial and operational voyage details available.
Tonnage list API
Track how tonnage forecasts have evolved over time and analyse vessel supply for any route or trade since 2015.
Scraped data API
Surface, process and decode all your commercial data and have it analysis-ready in a structured format.
Vessel Emissions API
Track key vessel emissions (CO2, NOX, SOX) and calculate EEOI  with this add-on to the Voyages API. Data is available per vessel, voyage, leg, operation.
Distances API
Integrate the fastest distance calculation engine into your analyses and systems, capable of port to port, point to port and ship to port distance calculations.
Freight API
Get time series data on the evolution of freight pricing ($/ton) and estimate flat rates for the widest combinations of ports across all large tanker segments.
Vessel Valuations API
Get current and historical valuation estimates for a given vessel. Valuations are based on vessel characteristics and market insights among others.
Port Expenses API
Get expenses and breakdowns for a given port. Expenses are based on vessel characteristics.
Market Rates API
Get historical and live market rate assessments for all key trading routes.
Vessels API
Get the vessel’s particulars such as beam, LOA length, scrubbers, cubic capacity etc.

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