We Promise to Respect your Data

Protecting your data is extremely important to us. When you send data to your private account, it is stored in a secure data vault in the Cloud to which only members of your company have access

How we do it?

Only Extracts Relevant Data

The platform only extracts relevant data from the information you choose to send it (like vessel positions and fixtures). All irrelevant information is ignored

Secures Data in Individual Company Vault

Each customer has their own secure data vault and Cloud storage, secured by the latest encryption technology

Provides Personalized Market Perspectives

Based on the stream of data you provide, algorithms produce real-time insights for the exclusive use of members of your company

Transmits Data Safely

All internet traffic between our clients’ web browsers and The Platform is protected by the latest encryption technology

Audits and Continuously Monitors

Our client data servers undergo audits, retain data for one month, and are monitored by state-of-the-art threat detection algorithms

Uses a Thoughtful, Social Legal Framework

Read through our Terms and Conditions for more detail on how we ensure we fulfil our promise to protect your data