A New Voyages Dashboard

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Signal Ocean Team
February 23, 2023

The brand new Voyages dashboard combines voyages, port calls and ship-to-ship information in a comprehensive view, allowing users to aggregate data on a port or country basis. This latest release provides users with access to global voyages data, including current and predicted voyages for all dry bulkers or tankers.

An interesting characteristic of the way we approach voyages is that we consider that a vessel is always on a voyage with the discharge of the last voyage being the start of the next one. And thus a continuous circle of voyages begins, where we monitor all ballast and laden legs. This level of detail comes into play in the Voyages Dashboard, allowing users to perform sensitivity analyses on the ways different commercial operators trade across different regions including every voyage, starting from the last discharge and covering all ballast legs. 

In addition, the Voyages dashboard also provides access to global Ship-to-Ship events tracking, and a detailed list of port calls for any vessel or fleet of interest. This feature enables users to track the movement of vessels in real time and provides valuable insights into their performance.

While the dashboard is very versatile and can be used in a number of ways, an interesting one is looking at trading patterns. As the image below shows, when looking at how MR2 vessels trading clean out of the West Coast of South America operate, it becomes evident that while the backhaul out of Pisco is available, it is only preferred about 7% out of all voyages, probably due to waiting times. This type of analysis is now possible by focusing on the core MR2 commercial operators using the Voyages dashboard.

Another interesting case that surfaces is the ability to look into how new trading patterns are created. When looking, for example, at how Aframaxes trading dirty operate after completing a voyage in India, it becomes apparent that while traditionally these vessels would then go on to load in the Arabian Gulf, in recent months, the volume loaded in the Baltic region has almost doubled.

Analyses such as these become possible with the use of the new Voyages dashboard. 

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