Signal’s new revolutionary API suite

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The Signal Group
March 10, 2022

Boost your freight trading analytics and chartering decision making with a private supercomputer

Signal Ocean is making it easier for anyone to integrate powerful analytics within their existing infrastructure. The popular maritime software platform is making its advanced technology more readily available with the launch of its new API Suite. Initially incorporating eight different data sets including shipping emissions, freight rates and tonnage lists, the service allows a wider range of end-users than ever before to integrate unique and proven solutions into their systems quickly and easily. Further sets including port data and vessel information will be added soon. Below is a list of Signal APIs.

You can find more information in Signal’s dedicated API webpage

The new APIs are available to maritime, commodity and supply chain players, as well as technology startups and entrepreneurs to accelerate and enhance their product development. Many digital solutions in the maritime sector require the use of dedicated user interfaces, resulting in what we often call “the war for the desktop” and an inefficient overlap of data and tools looking at commercial voyages, commodity flows, vessel consumptions and emissions, as well as TCE and distance calculations. To avoid redevelopment of such data and tools, a costly and time-consuming task, and to create a consistent data language, we offer attractive and flexible packages for clients and partners, including early-stage startups.

Signal Ocean Chief Operating Office Dimitris Tsapoulis said:

“By opening up our platform we’re effectively giving large and small teams alike access to a one-of-a-kind shipping analytics supercomputer. Our advanced algorithms use state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence to capture data and insights that can truly transform performance in a wide variety of endeavors within shipping and commodities trading.”

Launched by Signal Group in 2018, the Signal Ocean Platform processes and combines streams of private and public data including AIS, tonnage lists, cargo lists, vessel positions, port costs, port line-ups and freight rates. Data is transformed into private and actionable insights on the global freight markets. Users can optimally match vessels to cargoes, run profitability comparisons, obtain CO2 estimates and benchmarks, and use Signal’s patented technology to forecast vessel movements and availability across the globe.  

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