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Signal Ocean Team
September 19, 2023

Signal Ocean has achieved a significant milestone in our reporting journey by migrating Redash dashboards completely to PowerBI. This shift represents a significant upgrade to our reporting capabilities, as it streamlines its reporting processes and empowers it to create more user-friendly reports that facilitate a more comprehensive, data-driven decision-making process for clients.

The transition to PowerBI brings added value to Signal Ocean's users in several key areas. Firstly, the loading and navigation speed of PowerBI reports significantly surpasses that of Redash, with optimisation reaching up to 80% improvement at times. This represents a substantial improvement in efficiency, enabling users to access and analyse data more quickly.

Secondly, the new reports are more dynamic and interactive, allowing users to have dynamic visualisations filtering their views. This increased interactivity provides more detailed analysis, making it easier for clients to identify patterns and trends in their data. Additionally, the ability to drill down into specific data points provides greater flexibility and empowers clients to make more informed decisions.

Thirdly, consolidating various insights into a single report represents a Comprehensive Product Improvement, enabling a more holistic approach for Signal Ocean's clients and simplifying their navigation throughout the platform. This improved organisation and accessibility makes it easier for users to access the information they need and to identify key insights that may have been missed in previous reporting processes.

Overall, this migration to PowerBI represents a significant step forward for Signal Ocean's reporting capabilities and will provide its clients with a more comprehensive and data-driven decision-making process. Our commitment to improving reporting and analytical capabilities demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering value to our clients and driving innovation in the shipping industry.

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