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Signal Ocean empowers data-driven decision-making for charterers, brokers, and owners. Seamlessly integrate proprietary commercial information with a wide range of curated data for unparalleled situational awareness and a competitive edge.
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Identify opportunities with clarity

Combine your commercial information with refined vessel AIS, cargoes, fixtures, positions, lineups, and other curated data in a secure environment to cut through the noise and gain clarity.

Optimise your workflows

Eliminate manual consolidation of data and focus on high-value tasks with our intuitive user interfaces.

Gain unique situational awareness

Visualise risks and opportunities with clear, informed insights to better understand your competitive landscape.

Why Signal?

Signal Ocean is powered by a blend of Artificial Intelligence technologies and patented data fusion and forecasting models. Our data engines securely process your private data, delivering customised insights that enhance decision-making, negotiation and trading.

Data cleansing & structuring

Signal Ocean refines received data to eliminate duplication and inaccuracies and provides a structured display of supply, demand, fixture, congestion, and profitability information.

Intuitive & interactive interfaces

Signal Ocean's user-friendly platform ensures that all users can easily interact with the system from day one, no matter the complexity hidden behind it.

Flexible data sourcing

Signal Ocean securely combines data from AIS, emails (fixtures, positions, cargoes & lineups), messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp™, Slack, MS Teams), user inputs, and more to create a unified and secure interface for each company.

Data Security & Privacy

We do not use or share any private client data. Click here to read more.

Easy access, zero disruption, zero dilution

Set up Signal Ocean in moments, and access it via web browsers, our mobile app, APIs, or our data warehouse. Do not share your ideas or IP; avoid another war-for-desktop if you want to.

Continuous enhancement & 24/7 support

Our Customer Success Team provides ongoing, hands-on support (online & in-person) following change-management best practices. Supported by our experienced development team, we continuously deliver new features and enhancements.

Access your information anywhere

On the go? Access our Tonnage List, Fixtures, TCE Estimation, Distance Tool, and Vessels dashboards from the palm of your hand. Available now on iOS

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