Shaping the Future of Commercial Shipping

The Signal Ocean Platform helps you make better-informed decisions, faster and with greater confidence. Algorithms fuse curated data with yours to create customized, exclusive market insights.
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Key Benefits

Better Commercial Decisions

By continuously processing ship location and commercial deal information, The Signal Ocean Platform provides updates in real time, so you can evaluate competition in an unprecedented way.

Cuts Through Complex Data

Using our deep knowledge of the shipping industry, and the best artificial intelligence technologies, The Signal Ocean Platform organizes complex data for your company, effortlessly.

Easy to Set Up and Use

No download. No installation. Just 24/7 secure web and mobile access. Instantly view complex voyage scenarios, tonnage lists and TCE calculations, using our simple, intuitive user interface.

Key Capabilities

The Signal Ocean Platform is powered by an impressive mix of Artificial Intelligence technologies. Let our data engines process your data to deliver customized, exclusive insights that boost your negotiating edge. We promise to respect and protect your data.
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Data extraction and Fusion
We like to say that the platform ‘speaks shipping’. It continuously extracts relevant information from emails and uses fusion algorithms to determine the ‘latest and greatest’ state of each vessel.
Profitability Estimations
Instantly calculate and compare profitability across all vessels competing for a cargo. Customize calculation assumptions to match your scenarios.
Geospatial Processing
We use state-of-the-art algorithms to turn geospatial data into commercial stories or ‘voyages.’ Fused commercial data is passed through Planning Algorithms to predict tonnage availability in the near future.
Powerful yet Simple Interactions
We believe in great design. We have developed a user interface and overall experience that is well tried and tested. It is attractive and practical to use.

Access your Information Anywhere

On the go? Access our Tonnage List, Fixtures, TCE Estimation, Distance Tool, and Vessels dashboards from the palm of your hand. Available now on iOS

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