A Rich Mix of Shipping,
Computing, and
Scientific Endeavor

Take a moment to get to know us
We are combining our deep knowledge of shipping with our passion for applied science and technology.

We Come from Shipping

We know the shipping market inside out. We have deep industry knowledge and experience. Our young team has grown from an inner core of a founding entrepreneur and key managers and engineers, who spent more than ten years transforming one of the world's leading ship management companies.

We Respect the Current Market Structure

The Signal Ocean Platform was borne of a desire to improve the freshness and flow of information in the shipping market. We are testing and modifying our new platform rigorously, to ensure it is market ready for future clients. We believe in technology that helps professionals achieve extraordinary performance by taking care of the mundane and computationally complex. We want to help companies up their game.

We are Opening up New Shipping Opportunities

Our outstanding team of product engineers and computing scientists are leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Cloud computing to open up new opportunities.